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Autotechnika +


We are pleased to announce a new action, with which we want to support our active partners’ appearance, thereby increasing success of their participation and make stand operation more efficient:
Organize a competition or a presentation – we provide the space for it!

We want to support exhibitors, who draw visitor’s attention with interactive solutions. Our goal is that our partners and exhibitors can present more machines, technologies and special applications within a framework of a previously announced show or a competition – beside their rented exhibition area.

As program organizers we know, that these tournaments and shows need additional time and cost, that is why for these companies we provide space up to 9 m2 and press release for their program free of charge beside their booked space.
(The extra space can not be bigger than the 30% of the originally leased area.)

Please take into consideration the guidelines and steps related to the presentation.

  • introducing one or more machine during operation
  • organizing competition or presentation minimum twice a day
  • time of the competitions or shows needs preliminary to be discussed with your contact person at Hungexpo
  • filling Autótechnika+ application form (download in pdf) with the brief of your competition or show, and returning until 31th August 2017
  • Advertising the competition at your own communication channels (eg: website, Facebook page, newsletter)