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Professional programs


• DSG gearbox clutch replacement
• Immobilizer key programming on a practice wall
• Petrol motor fuel injection system diagnostics with a Toyota-system tester
• LED test light making
• Vehicle maintenance-related test (filled out on a computer)
• One-cylinder engine repair
• Hybrid vehicle diagnostics

Venue: Hall ”A”, 213B


Óbuda University, Donát Bánki Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering has purchased and restored a Ford T-model to commemorate Mr József Galamb. Many people participated in the project, including students, museum employees, engineers of Ford Motor Company, veteran autoclubs and collectors. During the process, a significant body of information was collected not only on the T-model, but on veteran cars and their restoration in general. Based on this knowledge base the faculty launched the Veteran vehicle restoration advanced training. Throughout these courses, the students will expand their knowledge regarding road vehicles, authentic, contemporary and advanced manufacturing environments, parts replacement methods, documenting and legal environment.

Venue: Hall ”A”, 309C


DDC Duex Diagnosztikai Centrum Kft. – Hall "A" 213D

  • Bosch Touchless wheel aligner device demonstration

ENERGOTEST Kft. - Hall "A" 311C

  • Wireless remote control joint play detector demonstration which provides users with a high level of operating comfort.
  • Demonstration of asynchronous variable frequency drive test bench product range developed for educational institutions and university for research and development purposes

ElephantTools Kft. - Hall "A" 312B

  • Visitors can survey the latest BGS Technic tools

FACOM Intó Kft. - Hall "A" 312A

  • Visitors can survey the latest FACOM tools

GarAgent Autóteszt Hungary Kft. - Hall "A" 211B

  • Offering vehicle diagnostic demonstrations for visitors all day long. In certain cases (for example, windshield replacement, wheel undercarriage replacement) the cameras which form the basis of the driver assistance systems of the vehicles have to be recalibrated. The calibration of these cameras and the presentation of the latest 3D wheel alignment machine will be demonstrated in practice for the vehicle on display.

karmaTECH Kft. - Hall "A" 311A

  • The gentle and WDK-certified fitting of RUN FLAT and UPH tyres with a SICE tyre changing machine (practical demonstration)
  • Diagnostics and repair/maintenance of 4 WD HALDEX all-wheel drive operation (practical demonstration)

OIL Hungary Kft. – Hall "A" 211E

  • Mechanical engineer Péter Beke gives a lecture entitled “Why 10W40 oil is no longer suitable for all purposes? or The difference of motor oils in view of viscosity grades and levels of performance”

Puma Tools – Hall "A" 313A

  • Removal of broken sparkplugs with a drill and stripped CRD carburetor removal done live
  • LaserTools latest developments and 3rd generation induction heater and heat induction dent removal machine demonstration
  • Hubitools universal wheel guard removal-drill set (LugdrillerTM) demonstration
  • Demonstration of the Danish CompacHydraulik firm’s hydraulic devices

SandvikenTools Kft. - Hall "A" 312D, 312E

  • Visitors can view the Zengő Motorsport race car and take part in scheduled top quality 3D simulator qualifying session and survey the brand new ROADSHOW-DEMO car

Sza-Co Kft, - Hall "A" 212A

  • Bosch injector tester device demonstration
  • Mondolfo Ferro 3D wheel alignment machine demonstration

Szerviz-Trade Kft. - Hall "A" 311E

  • Practical demonstration of the latest JOHN BEAN V 1200, 3-Dimension wheel aligner
  • Demonstration of the advanced technology GIULIANO SX 120 PRO DUO super- automatic tyre changer machine
  • In-service demonstration of a PLC-controlled automatic rim-aligning device